Henry Hoover is everyone’s favorite vacuuming friend!

Henry Hoovers have been well known for last 20+ years, effectively vacuuming homes, offices & pubs not just in the UK but all around the world.

A true professional in every sense of the word but never without that famous smile, loved and appreciated by users the world over… ask any Henry owner.

Henry Hoover brings professional cleaning to all, and is packed full of innovative features.
AutoSave technology saves energy, reducing running costs. The 10-metre cable storage and rewind system is a work of art, trouble free and spring free, and it keeps everything neat and tidy. The giant Tritex filter system makes sure that what goes in stays in, and the highly efficient HepaFlo dust bags, improve filtration efficiency, cleanliness and capacity.

Henry Hoover Product Information

  • Latest Henry Hoover in a choice of 4 colours.
  • New AutoSave Function – see below for more details.
  • Twinflo 2 stage professional motor giving exceptional performance, longer operating life and lower sound levels.
  • 10 metre cable storage rewind system keeps everything neat and tidy.
  • Giant Tritex filter makes sure what goes in stays in.
  • Also uses high efficiency HepaFlo dust bags which improve filtration efficiency, cleanliness and capacity.
  • Suitable for use on Carpet, Concrete, Hard floor, Laminate, Lino and Wood.
  • Complete with Numatic’s ‘A1′ accessory Kit – see image above for details.
  • Made in the UK
  • 2 year manufacturers guarantee.
  • New AutoSave Function…

Everytime you switch your Henry Hoover Vacuum Cleaner on, you will automatically start in the economy energy conservation mode, reducing your power requirements by half. If more power is needed, simply push the Hi switch! This gives you twice as much power… When you go onto hard floors or deep carpets or don’t need maximum power, push the red switch again and you are back in economy mode.

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Henry Hoover Reviews (50 comments so far)

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  1. Bernie Collen

    Had to replace my Dyson DC01 upright vacumm cleaner because it had lost suck, too heavy, was fed up with unblocking it and the main reason being I don’t have many carpeted rooms any more. Considered the Dyson DC08/11 but were too complex and as everyone gave the Henry Hoovers a 5 star it had to be the smiling red one. Cheaper aswell! Can’t recommend this enough – never have my nooks and crannies been so clean. Sucks up every thing even bits of paper with ease. Good qualtity tools, a metal pole that is very sturdy and it is so easy to store away with its wind-up cable. Forget the “no loss of suction” claim from Dyson, this Henry Hoovers has bags of it. Very happy – 5 out of 5. ps – the other good point about Henry Hoovers are the bags – £5 for 10 and your don’t get covered with dust when you exchange like my old Dyson.

  2. Dagny Klingelhoets

    My first (but not last!) Henry Hoovers has just died after 20 years loyal service. During which time he has taken several knocks and falls that would have destroyed (or at least severally damaged) most other machines. He has managed to consume huge amount of builders related mess as well as normal household dust and items! The dust bag is twice the size found in a lot of other machines, so hardly ever needs changing; plus the machine may be operated without a dust bag if required. Thus I have no hesitation in giving this machine a 5 star rating. At the start of the year the model was upgraded to HVR200-22 (i.e. the one Amazon is currently selling). Beware many companies are still trying to sell the old 1100w version – hence their ‘special / promotional’ prices! N.B the ‘R’ in HVR200-22 stands for Red. The machine is also available in Blue, Green and Yellow.

  3. Cinthia Trainum

    Forget Dyson. Forget Hoover. Forget Nilfisk. Forget the rest. This is the best vacumn cleaner on the market. I have one myself and will have no other. We use them on building sites to clean up after working. They lift concrete dust, wood shavings, sawdust and soot, no problem. Tough and small they are indestructable!!!

  4. Argentina Tapio

    After two expensive, ‘no loss of suction’ Dysons (one bought for £300 and another inherited) i’ve just about had enough of them. The only things that they suck are the poor consumers out there that are brainwashed with their clever marketing tricks. The suction isn’t any better than a £50 budget vacuum and even that gets worse in time. Within 12 months of average use its suction is awful. They are also heavy and cost a fortune to mend when they break, which happens too often. I have now skipped my Dyson’s and recently opted for a Henry Hoovers as I had read some really good stuff about them in the past. I always see builders, cleaners and hotels with them and then I read the great reviews on Amazon. I ordered one based on these factors – especially the Amazon reviews. I was so excited when it arrived and I can’t begin to tell you all what a delight it is to use. It shoots around my tile floors with such ease and the hose bends every which way to get around corners and under beds and furniture without having to add on more tools. The suction is fantastic too and if you think cyclinders are hard to push (as I thought previously) it isn’t the case with Henry Hoovers. The hose is so lightweight and it moves with such ease that it’s a doddle. I believe Numatic the manufacturers are missing something in terms of marketing here. If everyone knew how good these Henry Hoovers really were then I’m confident it would become the market leader in no time, way out doing any of the ‘frauds’ currently available out there. At least I have one now while I’m still young enough to enjoy it! Buy one. You won’t be dissapointed, trust me. It’s worth every penny.

  5. Booker Dubill

    I was fed up with carrying my old heavy hoover up and down the stairs, unclogging the rotating brush head, various parts breaking and above all; losing suction… it was my second Dyson… I read reviews before purchasing a new vacuum and was impressed by the reviews on ‘Henry Hoovers.’ I can honestly say what a superb piece of machinery. ‘Henry Hoovers compact, cute and super efficient. The two hoses together now means not having to balance the hoover against my shins on the stairs to reach the last few. The long lead also means not having to unplug it from downstairs to use upstairs (only a minor point, but still a plus). The suction is incredible, my house has never looked better. It’s now a joy to vacuum and I have recommended ‘Henry Hoovers’ to my family. I cannot praise ‘Henry Hoovers’ enough. Go on, treat yourself!

  6. Khalilah Soho

    We have used Henry Hoovers (4 of them) in our cafe and self catering places for the past 13 years and have had to replace 1 motor and 2 hoses in that time, not bad considering the (highly expensive) Dyson we bought for our own house only lasted 16 months before it finally fell to pieces. Thats why I’m here on Amazon, to buy one for home!

  7. Randee Busby

    After going through many vacuum cleaners over the years I looked for something that would last. I have had them fall down the stairs and smash, blow up or simply fail to do what it says on the box. After I had yet another very expensive machine with lots of features breakdown after just two years I searched for the ultimate. I was working in a big office at the time and noticed the officer cleaners were using this little red cleaner. It was the humble Henry Hoovers. It is the best buy I ever made. When I got divorced a few years ago and had to split up the household possessions the only thing we argued over was the Henry Hoovers. I lost the battle and had to promptly rush out to get another. My ex’s cleaner is still going strong after ten years and mine after six years. It made the trip with me to Hungary when I moved here a few years ago and copes with the tiles and wooden floors we have, just as well as the carpets. It is simple, strong, almost impossible to damage, light, easy to operate and has good suction. It is also gentle enough with the small brush attachment to clean our awkward light fittings. You can also run it without a bag. It is simply excellent value.

  8. Quinton Urquides

    At last the vacuum I’ve been looking for! I have owned several Dyson (mine ALWAYS lost their suction), Panasonics, Hoovers, VAX – you name it and have always been dissapointed for one reason or another. This product is excellent – its lightweight enough to carry up and down stairs without any strain and has a good carry handle and cord rewind mechanism. It is very quiet on low and high suction – I’ve found low suction is perfectly adepquate for our carpets. The long handle avoids any back strain and it is MUCH easier to manouvre around all the edges than an upright. Why oh why didn’t I buy one of these earlier! Fully recommended.

  9. Luis Kilroy

    After 5 years of using a Dyson, I was looking for an excuse to get rid of it. I then heard about the Numatic Henry Hoovers and after reading several reviews, I decided to cast caution to the wind and buy one. That was several weeks ago and I can honestly say, it is one of the best purchases I have made this year. Unlike my old Dyson, the Henry Hoovers actually cleans the carpet thoroughly and what is even more amazing, I’m only using it on the half power setting. On full power, it nearly swallowed the carpet! As for the Dyson, it has been dumped along with all the other rubbish.

  10. Allen Swiatek

    this is an awesome machine. it might be quiet and light but it has a great amount of suck-tion, and comes free with a “Henry Hoovers” beach-ball. choice of two hoses (long & longer), an assortment of attachments and the mains lead is nice and long as well. the thing rules!

  11. Quinton Urquides

    Have had my Henry Hoovers for a short time. I converted from an upright (a heavy Electrolux) and am very impressed with how effective this little clenaer is. Its good points are: – long vacuum tube which allows you to vaccum the corners of the ceiling and walls! – long flex, allows you to go on your trvels without unpluggin – light – easy for my children to lift upstairs – A powerful and effective suck – I accidently sucked up a sock. It disappered before I could say ‘Henry Hoovers’! – the bags are half the price of my old cleaner and twice as big – A simple and robust construction Highly recommended!(especially the blue version)

  12. Wilber Weissenborn

    Unlike most reviewers here, I was never pulled in with the hole dyson/bagless image. I can really do without seeing what comes out of my carpet thank you Mr. Dyson. So anyway, the story goes: I was moving from my flat to a newly built house. The only vacuum that I had before this was my Mum’s VERY old Panasonic that I remember her having when I was a kid. But she had been taken by the dysons so I was lumbered with the Panasonic. It was good but it was old and looked like I had pulled it out of a skip. I decided new house, new hoover. I really wanted a Kirby but because of the HUGE price tag I passed. I borrowed a friend’s Henry Hoovers to clean my car and was so taken by it that I went out and bought a cheap second hand one. After a quick clean out, a new filter, bag and hose I cleaned my flat with it (this is before the move). I was so taken I went out and bought the entire range of attachments for it. I also got the Airbro brush that REALLY brought up my hall carpet. So moving day came and by the time I had everything in my carpets were a mess thanks to the movers boots. In comes Henry Hoovers. All it took was one QUICK (and I mean quick) clean and the house looked like the display home. It REALLY does the job. Since then, me n the musses have had a sprog and Henry Hoovers deals with the baby mess no problems. He will take ANYTHING. BUY ONE..NOW!

  13. Neil Hirai

    I had a Dyson and fortunately it didnt take long to die. It was the worst hoover I have ever had. Now I have a Henry Hoovers. I have had him for about a year. He is great, the suction is brill, easy to whizz the crevice tool on and do the skirting boards and sofas etc. Makes hoovering a pleasure, not a chore. I have since got my Mum and my Nan to buy one, and they both think he is great. This hoover has the longest ever lead on it. I can get round each level of my house using only one socket! You wont regret buying this hoover, unlike other makes on the market!!

  14. Orval Hones

    After a marriage of more than half a century my wife now has a new man in her life! His name is Henry Hoovers. This little fellow follows her around as she cleans and I swear I hear him humming with pleasure! Ah! yet seriously…this cleamer is a phenomenon! Over the years my wife and I have owned a variety of vacuum cleaners – Bosch, Electrolux, Hoover and others – and I can honestly say that nothing has compared with the brilliant fuss-free efficiency of this little marvel. Before Henry Hoovers our most recent purchase was a Hoover bagless cleaner. This proved a complete disaster. Our search for a replacement then began and so it was that Henry Hoovers came into our lives. My wife never ceases to extol his virtues…and I am quite fond of the little fellow myself! For the best vac available today, and at a price that makes some others look silly, look no further than a Henry Hoovers. I am confident you will never regret it.

  15. Fermin Bayliff

    Prior to owning the Henry Hoovers I had owned Dyson and VAX vacuum cleaners. I was all set to buy another Dyson when I started reading the reviews and then stumbled across the reviews for the Henry Hoovers. I have since purchased one and it is brilliant! I have recommended it to all my friends.

  16. Argentina Tapio

    After years of getting the Dyson fixed, spending over twice the original cost in the process l decided to look elsewhere. We needed something robust and not just a pretty design with pretty colours. We plumped for the Henry Hoovers after reading all the reviews. It does exactly what it says on the box. l have the latest model and it sucks like no other hoover. It is robust, the bags seems to last forever …. well several weeks at least. The bags are 3 times the size of your standard bagged vacuum and they are cheap! If you want additional filtration you can by an extra filter from Numatic (Or buy the Henry Hoovers Micro which is exactly the same except is has this filter along with better filtering bags). Overall l am extremely impressed with this Hoover and highly recommend it.

  17. Dessie Leith

    This is our third Henry Hoovers, bought the first because we needed a hoover for commercial use it lasted five years, the only reason it went was because it was used and abused but still worked.The second lasted about ten years went for the same reason as the first. Our last Henry Hoovers was a bit of a disappointment it blew up after fifteen years but we have still purchased another one. Will take loads of abuse, will pick up anything will outlast (in our opinion)anything on the market.

  18. Neil Hirai

    Sick and tired of trying other cleaners, I opted for a Henry Hoovers after reading other reviews. Wow, a man that doesnt let you down…… and he has such a lovely happy face! The hose and cable are nice and long and the suction is (I think) just as good as the £200+ cleaners out there. Only thing I think (this far in anyway) could be improved upon is the storage for the tools. If they’re not on the cleaner in our house, they tend to disappear! All in all, a great purchase and hopefully he’ll be in the family for years to come.

  19. Tommie Fus

    Having worked with a number of Henry Hoovers through the years (including my personal favourites Red Five and Gold Leader) I can safely say that they are the best vacuum cleaners around. Working in the self-drive camping holiday business I had to clean a lot and these little fellas were a great help. Robust isn’t the word, you could drag him by his ‘nose’, behind a bike, all summer long and he wouldn’t complain. I’d actually begun to take Henry Hoovers powers for granted until I returned to the uk and tried to use a standard domestic vacuum, it couldn’t suck a thing! With his compliment of tools the Henry Hoovers experience becomes complete; reach! into the tiniest crack, extract! crumbs from the side of the sofa, remove! all particles from any floor surface. We use hundreds of Henry Hoovers and why? Quality, performance and reliability, that’s why

  20. Antione Dobis

    This little monster is happy to be used on fine dust or rubble. Very compact and powerful. A real gem. If you want a VC thats not fussy get this one.

  21. Gertrud Brumit

    In my house we have been through several different kinds of vacs that have all had it. Upright Electrolux that ‘exploded’ and Dysons that just stopped working. So, after using Henry Hoovers at my work, I decided to purchase myself one. They are the best. They pick up anything you throw at them and keep smiling about it! They can take a lot of use and abuse and they still work! Buy one now. Henry Hoovers are extremely reliable.

  22. Cinthia Trainum

    We’ve got through a lot of vacuum cleaners in the last few years, and all had problems: filters that clogged easily and needed endless washing, bodywork not robust enough, suction weak, engine overheated and cut out, and so on. The more fancy they were, the more unreliable they were. But then came Henry Hoovers, which I bought on Amazon on the strength of the staggeringly high number of good reviews. And they are justified. We’ve had ours for 3 months now, and Henry Hoovers simple design, super powerful suction and robust body, long retractable cord and sensible attachments, make him King of the Cleaners. No silly filters, no dust emissions, just does the job and does it well. I even use him in the garage and shed and on the patio. Why not? As long as it’s dry and he’s not required to pick up stones and other unsuitable materials, this guy looks like he’ll do most things. Brilliant.

  23. Raymond Pardieck

    Having recently bought a new place I thought it was about time that I invested in a good vacuum cleaner. Being an old terrace house with plenty of nooks and crannies as well as a mixture of floorboards, carpet and tiles I needed something that could handle all these tasks well. The Henry Hoovers HVR200 was the perfect choice. Being a cylinder vacuum cleaner, Henry Hoovers is compact, making him easy to manoeuvre around the place and great for storing away after you’ve finished. He comes with a long flexible hose and a variety of attachments that you can add depending on the job at hand. I found the crevice nozzle particularly useful for getting to hard to reach places such as corners of rooms, the top of skirting boards and in between and under furniture. With its 1100 watt motor, the Henry Hoovers HVR200 has a really powerful suction action. I had my parent’s dog round to stay for a couple of days and was left with black hairs everywhere which were extremely visible against my cream carpets. My previous vacuum cleaner would have struggled getting them up but they were no problem for Henry Hoovers. A feature that I found really helpful for this was being able to adjust the brush head to suit the type of flooring I was on. Many of the other reviewers have commented on how robust Henry Hoovers is. Despite not having had mine that long I can certainly agree. I accidentally knocked him down the stairs on his very first outing! Not a scratch and more importantly there was no impact to its very excellent performance.

  24. Carlos Knotowicz

    I have all the reasons in the book for not keeping on top of the housework as there are so many other things I like to do with my time, it is bottom of my list. But yesterday we collected a new member of the family called ‘Henry Hoovers’ & he is my new friend who I talk to while enjoying the housework (yes I am nuts)!?! This little machine is very basic in design & just does the job. A child could use it -pictorial instructions supplied, easy to understand. All surfaces easy to do, carpet or wooden flooring. All the nooks & cranies with the 4 different tools. Good value for money as fit for purpose – will buy again. Only downside is that Amazon was more expensive than the high street (i.e. Homebase & ‘price match promise’ at Currys) & I prefer to get the guarrentee that I can take back to the shop easily within a year with receipt & have any faulty item replaced.

  25. Morton Amezquita

    I must admit, i was a bit sceptical about getting a Henry Hoovers as they have been around for donkeys years and I assumed they must be outdated at the very least. I was won over however by a builder friend, who told me he used on to pick up rubble, and that it would even leave a building site spotless. Well, I got one, and it really is the best vacuum I have ever used. Powerful, light weight yet robust – its simplicity is a real poke in the eye to all the over-designed ‘consumer desirables’ that are released as vacuums these days, chasing in the wake of Dysons success. Yes, a dyson probably is more powerful on paper, and yes, all modern cleaners do look very space age and have all kinds of gizmos and bright materials, but they are all hard pushed to beat the performance of this motor-in-a-box, and at a price point that is below even most basic cleaners. I couldnt be more happy. I am converted for life.

  26. Dessie Leith

    After reading the excellent reviews for Henry Hoovers, I had to give him a go. I was sceptical seeing as the hoover I currently had was 1600 watt and I couldn’t understand how a lower watt hoover would work better. Henry Hoovers arrived on Saturday and I am now convinced I’ve got the best hoover ever! Both me and my housemate have long hair which our old hoover never seemed to pick up. Our carpets look like new having gone round with Henry Hoovers! I’ve only used it on the lo setting but it’s definitely enough. It is hard work to use as the suction is so good it’s difficult to move around but it’s a small price to pay to finally have clean carpets. Down with ridiculously expensive Dyson, Henry Hoovers the way forward!

  27. Allen Swiatek

    I was going to buy a Dyson but I inherited a 15 year old (honestly) Henry Hoovers. My Henry Hoovers was used every day at the office and yards of a landscape gardening company. I have had my Henry Hoovers now for just over 4 years so he’s coming up to his 20th birthday! What can I say? It always works as it should, it’s never broken, it’s small, and it fits in my cupboard. Another thought. . . Whenever you are in industrial premises and whenever you see professional cleaners; what vacuums do they have? My bet is that it is a Henry Hoovers. Enough said.

  28. Rosario Morre

    I wanted to replace my PANASONIC cleaner which had died on me after only 6 months of moderate use!I nearly got sucked in (excuse the pun) by the DYSON loss of suction blurb but as I have repaired 4 DYSONS for friends I thought not.I opted for the hvr 200-22 it has two speeds.I can honestly say you wont do better then Henry Hoovers. Stairs are easy with the extra extension hose ,the lead will let you move all around the house ,it DOES NOT lose suction power and you get more then enough accesories with it.On top of that it’s superbly made in the U.K.!

  29. Booker Dubill

    I have for many years put up with awful vacuums. I refused to buy a dyson (just too expensive) and when I finally decided to buy myself a ‘decent’ vacuum I was torn between dyson and Henry Hoovers. I chose a Henry Hoovers because every office, building site and hotel I have ever seen a hoover in seems to have a Henry Hoovers, and now i see why! The simple design is easy to use. Changing the bag takes seconds and I haven’t yet needed to clean any filters or been surrounded in a plume of dust when i emptied it. As it’s not bagless, all the dirt is disposed of in one easy step. The bags are massive, so take ages to fill, and are cheap to replace so tick all my boxes. I have a cat and a toddler so the floors/stairs are always in need of a clean, and with Henry Hoovers this is no trouble. My toddler loves his smiley face so doesn’t mind the noise and Henry Hoovers gets up everything. The attachments are perfect for getting in small corners, vacuuming ground-in breakfast cereal from upholstery, or attacking small areas like the door mat. Also, Henry Hoovers is nice and light with a big handle so he’s no problem to carry up the stairs whilst vacuuming.I realise there is a reason that a product for which i haven’t ever seen any advertising, has been selling well for decades. If you’re unsure what vacum to buy, make it a Henry Hoovers. P.S. I was slightly worried that so many of the reviews for Henry Hoovers were so good they must have been written by the manufacturer. Don’t worry, i’m genuine :-)

  30. Latosha Reichard

    I run a small cleaning company and these little vacuums are, as far as I’m concerned, the very best and the only vacuum I’m happy to use knowing that they will always work and work very well. I have had dysons (complete rubbish, every single one broke within a 2 years), Vax, and during 2 years working in the super yacht industry the use of some very expensive models of Miele and SEBO, non of which were as good as little old smiling Henry Hoovers either because they were always breaking, cumbersome and noisy, or just not as powerful. The extra long hose is great for stairs, but he is light enough to carry up and down them easily enough if need be. The 9 litre capacity means the bags last for ages and new ones aren’t to expensive as long as you know where to look (wilkinsons do 5 for £2.80). I cant rate this vacuum highly enough!

  31. Morton Amezquita

    I am done with spending more of my time cleaning out filters, re=assembling hoovers, (of which l have tried many), only to find the suction so poor it has taken several tries to get carpets clean – l consigned my previous state of the art so called hoover to the dump – and used my common sense at last – bought my little Henry Hoovers, he cleans like an upright, brings up the pile like new, he is quiet (unlike my old one which was deafening), so now l don’t have to wait until everyone else in the house is awake before cleaning! Just wish l had got Henry Hoovers years ago – and saved myself all the aggro! If you want a hoover that actually works Henry Hoovers is your answer, Thank you Numatic – and your actually a UK company which is an added bonus.

  32. Otha Olaes

    My Dyson DC07 gave up the ghost at the weekend, and after finding out it would cost £90 to fix it i decided a change was needed. I have always been a fan of upright vacuums and i researched many upright vacuums and came to the opinion that no upright vacuum in my price range was ever going to match up to my expectations and be similar to a Dyson . I acccidently came across reviews for Henry Hoovers and i was very impressed with the opinions of other people who owned Henry Hoovers . I used my Henry Hoovers for the first time today and im amazed by its power it made short work of our back porch which is a major dirt area and went through the kitchen with no problem plus the lounge which is laminate and as its open planned it sees quite a lot of high traffic but Henry Hoovers tackled all the crumbs under the dining table with ease . I plugged “him” into one plug and this was great as no stopping to switch plugs . The stairs were also vacuum and again this was easy as the hose reached to the top stair. I then went onto the bedrooms the carpets were being lifted by the suction and after they looked brand new . In conclusion i feel Henry Hoovers does a great job and i hope i have many years use out of him .

  33. Hubert Ehrke

    I hate housework, I hate hoovering, I hate dusting – but if you have to do it, then Henry Hoovers the best friend you could have. Cute and super-efficient, Henry Hoovers cleaners are the ones that professionals use, and I can now see why. Everything about this cleaner is sleek, easy, and hassle-free from the extra-long lead, to the twist off lid with mega-size bag; from the giant filter, to the easy-touch power switch. From the first clean my cream carpets look better than they have done in years, and the quick switch accessories mean that my bookcases, furniture and TV are now all gleaming, dust-free zones. I never thought I would say this about a domestic appliance, but I seriously love Henry Hoovers!

  34. Robyn Ference

    I am so pleased with my Henry Hoovers I’ve been searching high and low for a vaccum like this, it makes my carpet look brand new!

  35. Raul Horsburgh

    I bought our Henry Hoovers Vacuum Cleaner in Scotland about 5 years ago and have been extremely happy with it. Our Henry Hoovers has accompanied us on three international moves. Firstly to Germany where I used in mainly to clean white floor tiles, then to Switzerland where we had wooden floors and now I’m using it in the USA. Each time we move we have to change plugs as each country has a different set up. In the USA we had to buy a power adaptor as the currency is 110V instead of 240v as in Europe. I’ve had to mail order the bags as Henry Hoovers are not sold in the USA but the effort I’ve made demonstrates how happy I am with it and how reluctant I’ve been to replace it. Its light, is easy to empty, has a long lead, is comfortable to use and has proved to be very sturdy. Don’t bother with all the fancy cleaners. I recommend the Henry Hoovers highly.

  36. Fermin Bayliff

    As I am addicted to hoovering I have to have the best. Henry Hoovers is it. Simple and light to use, don’t be misled thinking because its light its easy to break, its not!!! I have dropped mine down stairs and all sorts of things, and Henry Hoovers goes on and on, never breaks, never breaks down, I have had Henry Hoovers now for well over 10 years and no way would I change him for anything else, have tried all the new fangled ones, but they are not as reliable or as good with their suction as Henry Hoovers. I think a Henry Hoovers fan club is in order here. Hope you buy and you will enjoy. Jennie the Henry Hoovers number one fan!!!!!

  37. Like many, I was attracted to the Henry Hoovers vacuum cleaner due to it being a bit of a classic British design. However, having moved into a new flat, I wanted to do a little more research to ensure I wasn’t picking form over function. It would not be unlike me to have chosen this product purely for the fact that it has a face, which somehow appeals to me, so I wanted to make sure my reasons for purchase were sound. These were the reasons I went ahead and purchased this hoover: 1) What impressed me was that this is a compact machine, which for a small London flat could fit in a small cupboard – which was important. Many other reasonably priced vacuums were only available in sizes that would have meant storing them in the open hallway, which was far less than desirable. 2) I was also pleased to see that it is the only vacuum cleaner actually built in the UK – something I want to support if it doesn’t mean paying a massive premium. 3) I was also impressed with the power of the strongest suction setting. A colleague mentioned that you often find office cleaners using a Henry Hoovers because it is a reliable, sturdy and strong vacuum cleaner. If it’s good enough for busy workplaces, I was pretty sure it would be just fine in a one-bedroom home. 4) The price of this vacuum cleaner is nothing short of brilliant. I also took a look at all the other models you can get – whilst I appreciate some people like the styling of the Henrietta/Hetty, you are essentially paying around £20 more for the same spec machine, just with a pink colouring and a few additional eyelashes. For me this wasn’t a priority. The other machines (James, Harry, Henry Hoovers Xtra, Henry Hoovers Micro, Henry Hoovers Turbo, Charles and George) all have good additional features, but the cost for these features far outweighed the benefit. I’d recommend you dig deeper on these models if you are a household with allergy concerns or if you have pet hair to deal with. Some of these models also have wet vac options though this wasn’t necessary for me considering the difference in price. The parcel arrived from Amazon in the product’s own sturdy box which was all still in one piece, and was easy to take on the bus home from work, using the luggage rack. The box weighs 10kg and is pretty easy to lift for most people. I couldn’t find this information when I purchased, so I thought you’d like to know what you get inside the box – you get a three section metal pipe, the main floor attachment (which has settings for carpets and hard floors)and a good selection of attachments for the sofa, and for skirting boards and hard to reach places. You also get a nifty Henry Hoovers bag to keep all these pieces in so that they don’t go wandering around the house, and to keep them neat when in storage. Most importantly, you get three hoover bags – so there’s no need for you to add a separate order of hoover bags to your basket right now unless you fancy stocking up. The instructions provided are very visual and simple to use, and we found them helpful after putting together the three section metal pipe and finding it looking rather odd. The instructions pointed out where we had gone wrong pretty quickly, and gives you good tips on how to keep the vacuum cleaner in good working order. The main thing I liked is that you can be vacuuming your house within a minute of opening the box. There’s nothing fiddly for you to do before you can start using it. In use, the Henry Hoovers stands up really well. We just moved in to a new build property, and there’s all sorts of dust and bits from the new carpets, and a quick zip around with the Henry Hoovers left everything looking perfect. We were really happy with it, and to find that the standard strength setting is good enough – so the high level setting is a dream for getting through the task quickly and easily. We had no problem getting the attachments under the beds. My only minor complaint is that I’ve found the attachments a little wobbly to put together – they don’t really click together, so it’s a bit of guesswork to know that you’ve pushed the pipes together firmly enough and so on, but this will get easier as we get used to using it and is not all that different from any other vacuums I’ve used over the years. It didn’t cause any major problems. If you’re looking for a sturdy, well designed product that does as good a job as your average home owner would need, at a very reasonable price – then I can heartily recommend the Henry Hoovers.

  38. Diego Verhulst

    We’ve had our Henry Hoovers for about 14years. He cleans the house, the car and DIY dust without a complaint………..and he’s always smiling. How many of your household appliances do you apologise to if you accidentley bang it on a corner as you go around? They still appear to be sensibly priced as well.

  39. Emmanuel Meleski

    Henry Hoovers is great – the best vacuum I have ever had! He doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of the other, more pricey vacuums, but if you want sucking power and truely clean floors, buy Henry Hoovers.

  40. Gertrud Brumit

    This is my second Mr Henry Hoovers, First one had its days after 12 years of real hardship, Although it has not changed much I still think he’s the BEST!!

  41. Corey Lukas

    Well what can I say? He’s a fabulous little vacuum cleaner. I’ve had lots of hovers in the years and Henry Hoovers is by far the best. Yes he does get caught up in doorways and you will from time to time trip over the power lead, but you will be glad to have him as part of the family. Even the kids like him, so let them have a go while you sit and relax :). He’s great value, and this is the best place to buy him :)

  42. Cinthia Trainum

    I couldn’t be happier with this vacuum cleaner. It is both the quietest and the most powerful vacuum cleaner that I have ever used. I highly recommend it.

  43. Perry Mcdunn

    I first used one of these little wonders about 14 years ago when helping a friend of the family renovate his house. I was vacuuming up dust and small rubble with ease. I filled Henry Hoovers up, emptied him and he carried on without complaint. Admittedly back then the main body was made of metal and now disappointingly Numatic have gone the cheap route with plastic, but I am still convinced Henry Hoovers is pretty rugged. All the replacement parts are listed in the literature that come with Henry Hoovers anyway so I imagine as the design has barely changed in years it would be easy to get spares and have him good as new again should anything break. You could argue I didn’t really need a new vacuum as the one I had wasn’t broken although it was a bit old. I just didn’t feel I was getting the suction power despite checking the filter and bag. Also I had long ago lost all the attachments. Henry Hoovers on normal power is fairly average, but the boost function makes quite a big difference. I think I would still like a bit more oomph, but I didn’t have much trouble at all picking up everything and I could feel him tugging on the carpet as I went. I think I would really struggle to move the head about if I had the brushes down in the nozzle, but I never needed them anyway. Henry Hoovers comes with lots of attachments which are all really useful and easy to attach and detach. Using the handy attachments I found myself sucking up dust I would have previously moved with a duster so Henry Hoovers really helped me get to every spot with great ease. As has been said the cable is very long and it winds up and out very easily with a very light and smooth motion. Henry Hoovers also wheels around the house very easily. In fact I almost feel bad when that smiley face hits a doorway as I tug him along! At the end of the day it was a choice between a Miele or a Henry Hoovers. I had already used a Henry Hoovers and I think a decent Miele would have worked out more expensive and perhaps not been so easy to use. Henry Hoovers certainly isn’t a sexy vacuum, but if you can put that aside and bear in mind that the cleaning industry use them widely then if you don’t get one perhaps you are more interested in looks and hype than functionality. I just wanted a reliable vacuum that worked well and that is exactly what I got with Henry Hoovers!

  44. Charlie Zenor

    Hi there. After reading all the reviews on here after I broke my old vacuum cleaner, I bought a Hetty. It is exactly the same as Henry Hoovers but is pink with eyelashes. I chose it because I didn’t want to spend more than £100 but after years of cheap and useless machines I should find something which will actually work. I became slightly obsessed with finding the “right” vacuum and even signed up to which? where I discovered that I wouldn’t get much for under £180. For days I trawled internet sites looking for my dream machine when I saw the lady who cleans the communal areas of our block dragging a Henry Hoovers through the car park on his head. He didn’t seem to mind and when i asked her if he was any good, she raved for about 10 minutes about how she would never use anything else. I later asked around my office and found that a few peeps swore by Dysons but others raved about Henry Hoovers. I bit the bullet and bought Hetty from a small company (she was cheaper than the amazon price) and waited with baited breath. I live in a rented flat with cream carpets which I have just shampooed ready for my boyfriend to move in. I figured they were pretty clean although they’d got a bit dusty and fluffy in the week since my old hoover broke. As soon as Hetty arrived I put her together and gave the flat a good going over. I have laminate, lino and carpets and she was brilliant on all of them. I used the Hi power setting a few times but it lifted the carpet right off the floor so I went back the normal setting and it was still really effective. There were a few spots where I’d moved furniture and the pile was flat. I used Hetty on Hi setting using just the end of the hose and it picked the pile up a treat. I did noticed that when I pushed the lever to use the brushes on my carpet, it didn’t really work. The brushes seemed to velcro themselves to my carpet and it was impossible to move the vacuum head back and forwards. So far this hasn’t been a problem as it does the job really well without using the brushes. After using it I couldn’t resist having a look to see how much it had picked up. I was truly disgusted when I looked in the bag. Loads of grey muck and dust which was pretty grim given that I thought my newly shapooed carpet were lookin good. The hose is nice and long so in a smallish flat like mine I don’t seem to be tugging it around all the time and the cable is dead long so I can do all of my rooms from one socket. The piece de resistance is the little pink shopper that came with Hetty to put all the brushes and tools in. I had a quick go with the tools and they were brilliant on skirting boards and coving. I have been really impressed with this vacuum and would recommened it to anyone!

  45. Wilber Weissenborn

    My experience is with the Hetty 200A with the tritex filter. I have not seen a review which mentions the suction efficiency of this cleaner. From this point of view the design is much better than most vacuums because: 1/ the bag is very large and suction acts over a wide area 2/ suction takes place from higher than the bottom of the bag so that as dust is sucked in the dust settles at the bottom of the bag leaving the air inflow unblocked. This is different from most vacs which tend to block as dust is sucked in, because the dust settles above the air inflow. This is why a 1200w motor is more than enough for this vacuum – other vacs need more power to compensate for their bad design and of course it means that it is cheaper to run. The bags, besides being large, are cheap to buy and are economical (ebay). The filtering is very good also – again with a good large filter, much better than most vacuums with their totally inadequate filtering, which tend to let through the finer dust and blow it out continually. I am impressed with it. Bad points: 1/ Rather basic tools, with crude push in fittings (no latches), no telescopic tube. However, they do work OK. 2/ Higher centre of gravity so may not be quite so maneuverable as other ‘low’ cylinder vacs. Despite these, I still recommend it because of the very good basic design. Some people say this is not good on carpets. I have not found that to be a problem, but I suggest you try to investigate this point before buying. I bought a Miele (recommended by Which), before buying this. It packed in after not very much use. The Miele was very flimsy and unimpressive (see my review on Amazon). I don’t bother with Which reports now.

  46. Refugio Wheeldon

    I first had one of these years ago when I had a costume jewellery business and a very wooley carpet. Back then it managed to suck up all the jewellery findings and beads that managed to get stuck and embedded into the carpet. Years on, for my domestic use I bought one of the plastic bagless cyclone type vacuum ones, you know the one I mean. Well after a short time bits broke off and the suction diminished. So I invested in the Henry Hoovers again. It’s the simplest best and most robust vacuum on the market. Most of my friends have ditched the other one and got themselves a Henry Hoovers. My builders and chimney sweep are also using one! Best value vacuum on the market.

  47. Rico Vetterkind

    This is the best vacuum we have owned, we have tried Dyson, Vax and Bosch over the past 7 years and this beats them all. Buy one now, you will not be disappointed!

  48. Bernie Collen

    Just received my Henry Hoovers today after having to put up with countless amounts of hoovers not up to the job including a Dyson! ( which work ok to begin with but don’t last very long ) this little hoover does the job perfectly, very strong suction, you can actually feel it working! and my carpets look better as a result, glad I opted for a Henry Hoovers after reading all the good reviews on Amazon.

  49. Dallas Feller

    This wasn’t the first unit that came to mind when thinking of a new vaccuum cleaner, but having seen various revisions of it in professional use throughout my life from infant school to office, it really should have been. I finally one got today after my bagless cleaner had blasted dust everywhere in a quite spectacular failure. My impressions so far? Very well built (as was expected), extremely powerful, quiet, and not too heavy either. It’s also suprisingly compact. I rather like the fact it has a bag too, the whole cleaning and emptying operation seems a lot, ummm, cleaner? If it lasts as long as i’ve heard (over 15 years in some cases), it’ll be one of my smartest purchases. Highly recommended.

  50. Dagny Klingelhoets

    I bought this when my Dyson gave up. I have to say this gives a better vacuum than the far more expensive Dyson and is a cracking little vacuum. Simple as there are few parts and dead easy to pull around and also look cute. All in all a great vacuum and strongly recommended.